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chemical peels

The Medi Peel - This custom peel is done in layers we will address clients skin needs according to condition of the skin. This peel will stimulate collagen and elastin refine pore size, tighten and relieve tired dull skin. Recommended in a series 3-4 weeks apart. Please add consult of 15 minutes if you have not had a peel before, please be off of your active skin care Retin A and Acids for 5 days prior, expect to peel 3-5 days out.


Clear Relief Peel - This Salicylic acid peel helps to address acne, congested pores, and maintain oil, this will control more serious acne conditions and help to clear the p acne bacteria. It is recommended as series/bundle of 2-3 weeks apart.


Anti Aging Peel - This is a 2 layer peel reduces fine lines and wrinkles for more sensitive skin conditions.  It has AHA and brightening chemicals that will lighten skin to reduce age spots and uneven skin tone your skin will feel revitalized without being irritated or inflamed. Recommended in a series of 3 each 3 weeks a part.


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